3 Compelling Reasons to Fall in Love with Clicky
3 Compelling Reasons to Fall in Love with Clicky

3 Compelling Reasons to Fall in Love with Clicky

You know for a fact that almost everyone and their dog uses Google Analytics to monitor their website's performance. 

Or, should I say, everyone intends to use Google Analytics, but then quickly forgets about it. 

It's understandable. After all, analysing data isn't for everyone, especially when you have content to write, comments to make, and posts to share. 

So, you plough on, doing your thing and conveniently forgetting to tackle Google Analytics. I know - I'm guilty too. 

But I don't forget to check my analytics data completely. 

Instead, I prefer to use Clicky Web Analytics.


In the beginning​

Back when I first started learning about WordPress I read a few Kindle books on how to get started. One of those books was 'WordPress For Beginners' by Dr. Andy Williams

If you're just getting started, then I highly recommend it.

It was this book that first introduced me to Clicky Web Analytics.​

"The tool I use on my own sites is called Google Analytics, but it is complex and perhaps overkill for someone just starting out. I'd therefore recommend you use a free service like Get Clicky." - Dr. Andy Williams

I installed Clicky when I created my WordPress site, and I've found it to be the perfect analytics tool.

- BTW, installing Clicky is very easy - just use the Clicky by Yoast WordPress plugin.

I also installed Google Analytics - because everyone does - and I also recommend you install and use that as well. There is no harm in having both solutions.

But today, I want to share three compelling reasons why you should use Clicky Web Analytics, too.

1. The dashboard is so user-friendly: You won’t get overwhelmed or intimidated like you might with GA

Opening Google Analytics for the first time can be a little overwhelming. Where do you start? What are all the menu options?

In Clicky you are presented with a very simple dashboard that is clearly labelled and immediately makes sense:

Clicky Web Analytics-Dashboard

It just invites you to start clicking on each component to see what is happening.

And you just keep clicking on links to drill down deeper into the data...

Take a look at this example of a visitor detail:

Clicky Web Analytics-Visitors
  1. They are from Romania with English language
  2. They're using the Firefox web browser with Windows 10 OS and screen resolution of 1366x768
  3. It's their first visit to my site 
  4. They spent over 10 minutes on the site after landing directly on the most recent blog post: The Miraculous Tale of a Vertical Mouse
  5. After reading the initial blog post they clicked through to the Home Page and then another blog post: How To Become A Better Writer with Grammarly

That is just one example of drilling down into data specifics, but there is so much more at a higher level available that makes checking your analytics a dream.

[clickToTweet tweet=”The dashboard is so user-friendly: You won’t get overwhelmed with @Clicky #analytics” quote=”The dashboard is so user-friendly: You won’t get overwhelmed or intimidated with Clicky!”]

2. Real-time stats: You can actually invoke the Spy Tool to see what’s happening right now!

The default view when you come into the Clicky Dashboard is Today. As in right now. Yes, Clicky works real-time to update all the metrics you see, not just the few that GA does.

Along the top menu, there is a 'Spy' option. Clicking on this takes you into this screen:​

Clicky Web Analytics-Spy

The screenshot above shows a visitor landing to look at a blog post. You can see that they are from the USA, they are using a Linux OS and a weird web browser!

If there is nobody active online when you check you can always view the last 40 actions:​

Clicky Web Analytics-Spy2

[clickToTweet tweet=”Real-time stats – you can invoke the Spy Tool to see what’s happening in @Clicky #analytics ” quote=”Real-time stats: You can actually invoke the Spy Tool to see what’s happening right now in Clicky!”]

3. No SPAM: You don't have to waste time setting up and maintaining referral spam filters!

For all the great tools that Google provides, leaving referral spam in their analytics product is unbelievable. Plus, it's a pain in the backside to manage! 

Yes, you can setup Filters and Segments to eliminate the unwanted data, but you need to continuously update them because the spammers keep creating more.

With Clicky, there is no need to worry about Referral Spam as they have taken the necessary steps to ensure that it is removed at source.

"Most spam referrers are generated by bots, which we try very hard to detect. Google also claims to do that too but from what we've seen, they only do it based on user agent. We've developed a number of other proprietary methods to detect and block bots from logging fake traffic, I believe it's the best in the biz." Clicky Forum

[clickToTweet tweet=”No SPAM: You don’t have to waste time with referral spam filters in @Clicky #analytics!” quote=”No SPAM: You don’t have to waste time setting up and maintaining referral spam filters in Clicky!”]

Free or Premium?

Clicky offers both a Free and a Premium service, and both have their merits.

When you sign up for your account, you get a free 21-day trial of the Premium service.

At the end of the trial period, you can continue on a Free plan with reduced features or sign up for one of the Premium options.

Clicky Web Analytics-Pricing

Note: the yearly subscription plans offer huge savings compared to the monthly plans.

I used the Free plan for quite a while before deciding to upgrade to the Pro plan.

The downside to the Free plan is that your data is only available for 30 days. This is a fair restriction as Clicky are storing vast sums of data on their servers. 

Being the resourceful person I am, I made a temporary workaround. However, it's not a good long-term solution and does require some time and discipline.


  • Set a recurring reminder in your calendar for the first day of each month
  • On the first of the month go into your Clicky Dashboard
  • Select the previous month; e.g. January
  • Expand any information you may wish, e.g. Unique Visitors
  • Save to PDF with (a) Evernote Web Clipper or (b) PrintFriendly

Now you have a snapshot of the previous month. It's not dynamic, but at least, you have a record. 

To take it one stage further, you could enter some of the data into a spreadsheet and start building your own trends.

It really comes down to time and money.

Having tried both, I personally recommend investing in the Premium service to save you time and give you more dynamic results.

Final Thoughts

Clicky works a treat for me and I challenge you to give it a try. Remember there is a 21-day free trial of the premium service.

It's suitable for everyone, not just beginners.

But don't just take my word for it: Tom Ewer, Ramsay Taplin and Adam Connell are three seasoned bloggers that also use it and love it.

So, now you have 3 Compelling Reasons to fall in love with Clicky.

Give it a go and let me know what you think.

I'm sure you'll be smitten.

David Hartshorne

I'm a freelance writer working with business owners and marketing teams to create in-depth, actionable content that resonates with their audience. When I'm not writing about digital marketing and technology, you’ll find me chilling with a thriller in Spain.