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5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Website SEO

Everybody loves free stuff. Don’t you?  If someone knocked on your business’ door tomorrow with a bag of money, would you send them away?  After checking there are no cameras behind them (is this a joke?) I think 100% of you would say “yes please”!  And that is why it is a little bit strange that you are […]

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How to Find and Fix Your Broken Links

Have you ever clicked on a link while reading a blog post only to find yourself on the infamous 404 Page? Disheartening isn’t it? You were sure that the extra piece of information would help, but alas it isn’t meant to be. But, if it’s a problem on the websites you visit, then it might be a […]

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Thrive Clever Widgets – Make Your Website Smarter

One of the questions I get asked about my website is, “How do you manage to get different sidebar widgets appearing on different posts and pages?” If you’re a member of Thrive Themes you’ll know the answer already – it’s all made possible by one of their WordPress plugins. Until now it was reserved for Thrive Members, […]

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WP SpyBar Review: Instant WordPress and SEO Analysis

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform on the web today. It’s a great product and it continues to evolve.  However, installing the WordPress software is just the beginning. The great benefit of using the self-hosted version of WordPress is that you can customize it using the vast array of plugins and themes available on the […]

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