7 Terrific Tools to Make You More Productive

Productivity is critical to your long-term success. I’ve met numerous bright folks in the startup circles who have great products and excellent skills, but they are never really at peace. – I wonder if things could be better if they focused on being more productive? Even more so for freelancers and solopreneurs who always have to be ‘very-quick-on-their-feet’. – Could they […]

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How to Find and Fix Your Broken Links

Have you ever clicked on a link while reading a blog post only to find yourself on the infamous 404 Page? Disheartening isn’t it? You were sure that the extra piece of information would help, but alas it isn’t meant to be. But, if it’s a problem on the websites you visit, then it might be a […]

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3 Compelling Reasons to Fall in Love with Clicky

You know for a fact that almost everyone and their dog uses Google Analytics to monitor their website’s performance. Or, should I say, everyone intends to use Google Analytics, but then quickly forgets about it. It’s understandable. After all, analysing data isn’t for everyone, especially when you have content to write, comments to make, and posts to […]

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The Miraculous Tale of the Vertical Mouse

Today I’m going to tell you a story about an extraordinary mouse. A mouse that is certainly robust, but not Mighty Mouse. A mouse that is funny to look at, but not Micky Mouse.No, this is the story of a vertical mouse. A mouse who was brave enough to stand up and be counted. A mouse who […]

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How to Become a Better Writer with Grammarly

I’ve read plenty of blog posts that tell you all about how to write a blog post. You’ve probably read them too. The ones that tell you: “You’re not at college now – no need for a formal writing style. You can write short paragraphs or even one-word paragraphs.” The rules you learned at school can now be broken. And […]

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3 Social Media Tools That Free Up Your Time

I’m busy. You’re busy.  Heck, we’re all busy.  You know that blog post you sweated over a few weeks back – writing, publishing, and promoting – what’s happened to it?  When did you last tweet? Are you keeping a steady flow of content running through the system?  When you’re running your own business you need all the help you […]

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