How to Manage Your Money as a Freelancer

Freelancers, pat yourselves on the back. You should be proud. You’re a small business owner making your own money on your own terms. ​ That takes a ton of moxie and countless hours of your time.  Whether you’re hard at work managing a blog or busy creating content for your customers you’re running a serious business.  You’re putting out a […]

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How to Spice Up Your Content with Sensory Words

Have you ever been sucked into a book, completely absorbed by the story?  When this happens, the writer has painted a picture so vivid that you can imagine it in clear detail.  How do they accomplish this? What’s their secret? – They evoke the senses to transfer their imagination to you. Is that something you would like to learn? Then […]

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5 Simple Ways To Improve Your Website SEO

Everybody loves free stuff. Don’t you?  If someone knocked on your business’ door tomorrow with a bag of money, would you send them away?  After checking there are no cameras behind them (is this a joke?) I think 100% of you would say “yes please”!  And that is why it is a little bit strange that you are […]

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