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WP SpyBar Review: Instant WordPress and SEO Analysis

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform on the web today. It’s a great product and it continues to evolve.  However, installing the WordPress software is just the beginning. The great benefit of using the self-hosted version of WordPress is that you can customize it using the vast array of plugins and themes available on the […]

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Thrive Leads Review – Build Your Mailing List Faster!

No matter which email marketing service provider you choose, you’ll need to add people to your email list via some kind of opt-in form.  But the standard opt-in forms that are provided by email marketing service providers are not brilliant.  In fact, they’re naff!  You need a list building plugin to increase your conversion rate.  ​But which one? In this review, […]

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4 Experts Compare the Best Email Marketing Tools

  Did you catch the red carpet as you came in?  Today I am honoured to have FOUR very special people here – Four Experts in their own online niche markets.   I’ve asked each of them to share their invaluable experience regarding their choice of Email Marketing service provider.  So, without further ado, let […]

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How to Back Up WordPress for Free

Boring Backups! Nobody likes talking about backups – they just ain’t sexy! Some might say they are Another Shade Of Grey…​not that I’ve read the book nor seen the film!  But what about a way of backing up your WordPress site whilst you are asleep?​

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Website Security: Are You Just Cannon Fodder?

Having installed WordPress and started creating some content, one of the first things you will need to consider is making sure you are protected from unwanted visitors.  Of course, you want visitors to your site who are going to read and comment on your content. But you don’t want the type of visitor who tries […]

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